Sunday, November 27, 2011

the loss

I don't mind losing money, there is nothing this life owes me. I've been given more than I can ever repay, I don't mind losing my life because it isn't mine to begin with, but for you there is no receipt, for you there is no equal, All I mind is losing you. Without you my heart soul and mind find a motionless tundra of death and desolation, without you o God, there is nothing left but a motionless body struggling for a life that isn't there, without you the heavens and the earth cry out for their master, without you the oceans roar restless for a creator, without you the brilliant birth of new life wouldn't come to pass, without you there is no meaning in all these meanings, without you words are desires without cause, my heart cries out and it grows ever more thirsty until it finds the oasis of your love. There is one thing I mind losing more than my life and that is you oh God.

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